This is one of the most exciting developments in audio and The Spectrum Radio Network can help you to make great podcasts.

There are over 700,000 podcasts available with 6 millions listeners per week. 67 million Americans listen to at least one podcast per month. Podcast listening rate has been consistently growing 10 to 20% per year.

That means quality and consistency is crucial to being heard.

The Spectrum Radio Network has all the tools you need.

Broadcast quality studios, interview and editing facilities and technical and studio support. We can upload you podcasts to hosting sites, advise on getting them to directories and answer all your operational and technical questions. If you are starting from scratch we can also advise on your theme music and design.

We offer a special podcast package which includes:

Up to two hours in a professional broadcast standard studio

A studio engineer to drive the desk

The content edited and delivered to you via USB or WeTransfer

A desk and WiFi access while you are with us

Tea and coffee

All for £140+VAT

In office hours 9am – 5pm

Special rates are available for long term bookings

Contact us for more details

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